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Sungjin Kim

Welcome to my portfolio page everyone! I'm an IT specialist who has a great passion for photography.
Please, take your time to look around and feel free to leave a comment.
Thank you!
After almost 8 years as an amateur photographer, I have rediscovered that the great beauty underlying the physical world is replicated throughout nature. My passion encompasses wild landscapes. Extreme environments challenge our sense of the possible. I like images that capture a feeling from a location and a moment when we slow down our lives a little. Photography is my way of slowing down. Communicating the wonder of our world in photographs requires patient discipline, careful analysis of light and geography, and creative composition. When I find interesting and rare moments, I like to make photographs of what I see so that it can be enjoyed again and shared with others.

My love of nature was kindled growing up in the seacoast areas of Tunisia. After graduating from university with a degree in oceanography, I have spent a few years researching minerals of deep-sea ocean at the Pacific Ocean. I have been married for 17 years and live in Seoul, Korea where my wife and I raised our two children.

- 2014 Focus on Your World Environmental Photography Contest by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) National Committee for the Republic of Korea - honorable mention
- Korea National Award, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, 2nd Place
- The 40th Korea Tourism Photo Contest – honorable mention
- 2012 The 8th Light Pollution Photo Contest (Feelux) – excellence award
- 2011 Tour Seoul Photo Contest (Seoul City) – bronze prize and honorable mention
- The 12nd Road Photo Contest (Korea Expressway Corporation) – honorable mention
- The 5th Photo Contest (Herb Island) – silver prize
- The 8th KINTEX Photo Contest (KINTEX) – silver prize
- 2010 Cultural Heritage Photo Contest (Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea) – participation prize
- The 3rd Goyang City Photo Contest – honorable mention
- 2010 Hwacheon Tour Photo Contest (Hwacheon District) – honorable mention
- The 15th Yeongdeungpo Tour Photo Contest (Yeongdeungpo Office)– honorable mention
- The 5th KAC Photo Contest(Korea Airports Corporation) – honorable mention
- 2010 The 6th Light Pollution Photo Contest (Feelux) – honorable mention
- Korea Image Making Photo Contest (Presidential Council on Nation Branding) – Grand prize

National Geographic
- Golden Hour (Your Shot, 2013)
- Illuminating the World (Your Shot, 2013)
- Stars Trail Over Highway Lights (Your Shot, 2013)
- Playing With Fire, Places - Week 3 Wallpaper (Photo Contest 2013)
- Heavenly View, Places - Week 5 Wallpaper (Photo Contest 2012)
- Dawn, Hwacheon (Photo of the day, June 22 2011)
- Intersection, Seoul (Photo of the day, May 13 2011)
- Fishing On The Cloud, Places – Week 5 Wallpaper (Photo Contest 2011)
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